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Happy New Year from the AstroloTeam!

Cheers to 2022

AstroloTea Herbal Blends wishes you a wonderful start to 2022. There is much to be excited about in the months ahead! We are grateful to everyone in our Communitea for the support we've received since launching this past November.

Reflecting on 2021

Exactly one month after launch, we were featured on Good Day Sacramento alongside several phenomenal Makers creatives during the Hacker Lab Midtown Holiday Market. We were so pleased for the opportunity and to see and meet many new and familiar faces during the 6-hour event. We'd like to extend a huge "Thank You" to everyone who allowed us to help make special memories for their loved ones during the Christmas season with the gift of our herbal teas.

If you are an artist or creative in the Sacramento area, check out the Hacker Lab to learn more about this co-working space you may not have realized you need!

Goals for 2022

Although we're just starting a new calendar year, Astrologically, we recognize the new year and new beginnings with the welcoming of Aries season and the spring equinox. That doesn't mean we haven't set goals for 2022... We have some exciting plans and annoucements you'll definitely want to stay tuned for in the months ahead, including AstroloTea parties and new product collections.

You Can Help...

One of our goals for this year will be to continue growing our Communitea & Brand. Telling your astrology & tea loving friends and family about us; sharing our website, Instagram, or even a friendly cup of tea, helps expand our reach more than you know and we can't thank you enough for the continued love and support we've been receiving.

We're also looking to expand our offerings and collaborate with businesses and groups dedicated to holistic wellness and ethereal divination, so if that's you or you know anyone you think may be interested, send us an email at

New Moon in Capricorn

Sunday night's New Moon was in Capricorn; which is often symbolized by the Goat. People often refer to goats as "stubborn" and maybe they can be--for those who are trying to control them. Goats are not pack animals, so they won't be seen following any herd. Rather, they purposefully; and with discernment, determine their own path.

We hope that as you set intentions for what you want to bring in for this new moon cycle, new week, month, and calendar year, you spent time getting grounded and tapping into your "Inner Goat."

Just because the new moon has passed, it's not too late to ask yourself: What are you curious about? What are you most passionate about? What do you want to learn or rediscover about yourself—about the world around you? The energy is still fresh, so this is a great time to create thoughtful intentions that set you up for a marvelous 2022. Remember: You have the power to create your destiny. Be the leader of your life and walk in your own path.

Click here to download our free 11x17 printable 2022 AstroloTea Herbal Blends Calendar and stay up to date on the year's new & full moons, and eclipses.

SHOP AstroloTea

Our online store currently includes our 4 Elemental Blends which honor the elements of nature and the zodiac.

Each blend is hand-crafted to take on the characteristics of nature and packs unique and delicious flavor profiles with healthful benefits to calm, soothe and enhance your holistic being: Heart, Body, Mind & Spirit.

Individual blends are now available in 1.5 oz and 3 oz packing, and our Ethereal Sampler includes 1 oz packages of each of the 4 blends, so you can try them all.

Element and Zodiac Tea Mugs are also available to purchase online. Tea Brewing Accessories and more are coming soon!

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