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A Love Story

The Beautiful Blend of Nature & Nurture

AstroloTea Herbal Blends was created in 2021 by mother-daughter duo; Chanel Barkley & Jalayna Davis. While creating a vision-board for the year, Chanel noticed a common theme. There was heavy emphasis on the images centered around improving her holistic health, learning more about herbal remedies, and

elevating her mindfulness practice keeping her astrological placements in mind.

That was the beginning of her idea to blend astrology with the healing power of herbs to create delightful teas.

When sharing her vision with her daughter, Jalayna, a natural-born creative, who from a young age intuitively taught herself to make beautiful works of art, mixing everything from colors to flavors together, they agreed they were on to something that could be shared with the world. They spent months researching, tasting and blending herbs and hand-crafting Elemental Teas to enhance and uplift the hearts, minds, bodies & spirits

of tea-lovers based on their zodiac signs.

AstroloTea Herbal Blends can be purchased online, or locally at Farmer’s Markets & pop-up events throughout Northern California’s Sacramento region. We invite you to visit the SHOP AstroloTea page to check out our Elemental Blends & more.

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