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It's been said that zodiac sun placements effect specific areas of the body.

Zodiac Sign to Body Connections

Check out our infographic and see what specific body functions your zodiac sun sign is linked to.

Making Connections: About the Chef

Channeling the Elements

We are intentional to include herbs in our Elemental Blends that organically harness the power of each of nature’s elements with delicious flavor notes, while creating an alignment between zodiac placements, body function, and herbs that will enhance and uplift astrology- and tea-lovers alike.

Making Connections: Our Food

Honoring the nature of Confident Aries,

Passionate Leo & Courageous Sagittarius.

Flavor notes for this blend emanate fiery energies with notes of Cinnamon and Ginger playfully combined with the taste of sun-ripened Peaches and smoky Burdock Root.

Heart Blend Sizes.png

Communitea Feedback

I've been drinking this tea everyday, it's amazing!

The Heart Blend

The tea is delicious, and the Virgo mug is my new favorite cup!

Yarissa D.

The Body Blend

The tea is DELICIOUS!! Honestly, the best tea I've had and I drink alot of tea. This is amazing!

Mona M,

The Mind Blend

Your tea is quite delicious. I love the color... Feeling restful and calm. Can't wait to try others.

Kimberly R.,

The Spirit Blend

Making Connections: Testimonials
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