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About Us

Supporting the Connections between Nature & Nurture

AstroloTea Herbal Blends was created out of love for the healing power of herbs and the excitement that builds when we bridge the connections between Heart, Body, Mind & Spirit

found throughout astrological teachings.

Our Herbal Blends are based on the four elements of nature and the zodiac; Fire, Earth, Air & Water, and are hand-crafted

to enhance and uplift with every sip.

Welcome: About

What's Your Sign?

Our Elemental Tea Blends are aN homage to the four elements of nature and the
characteristics they lend to each zodiac sign.

Welcome: Our Food

Fire: The Heart Blend

Aries  •  Leo  •  Sagittarius

Fire signs are known to lead with courage and confidence. These heart-centered signs take on their days with an energy and passion that is unmatched.

The Heart Blend honors the nature of Confident Aries, Passionate Leo & Courageous Sagittarius.

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Earth: The Body Blend

Taurus  •  Virgo  •  Capricorn

Earth signs make it easy for others to feel comfortable around them because of their grounded energy. As with nature, when these earthy-signs are able to move at a slow and steady pace, Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn create beauty for all to experience.

The Body Blend honors the nature of Grounded Taurus, Practical Virgo & Dependable Capricorn.

Air: The Mind Blend

Gemini  •  Libra  •  Aquarius

Air signs are free in spirit and thought. These quick-witted thinkers are great at expressing their ideas, which often benefit the collective because Gemini, Libra & Aquarius have a natural desire to give.

The Mind Blend honors the nature of Quick-Witted Gemini, Communicative Libra & Inquisitive Aquarius.

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Water: The Spirit Blend

Cancer  •  Scorpio  •  Pisces

Water signs lean into their instincts making them seers of what lies beneath the surface. Like any moving body of water, Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces can experience the ripple effect of others’ emotions with their empathic-nature.

The Spirit Blend honors the nature of Nurturing Cancer, Intuitive Scorpio & Imaginative Pisces.

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