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A Cosmic New Year is Approaching!

We missed you last month! With the excitement around the Black Joy Parade and announcing our first limited edition blend, we didn’t get our monthly blog out as expected.

How did Aquarius season leave you feeling?... Hopefully lighthearted, free and ready to wrap up the astrological year with all the inspiration and wonder Pisces season is known to bring.


It’s the Black Joy for Us…

Last month, we got to take part in Oakland's Fifth Annual Black Joy Parade. Our hearts were full seeing new and familiar faces, talking astrology and the power of tea to soothe and aid the Heart, Body, Mind & Spirit. The vibes and joyful energy were exactly what we hoped for. It was a very different experience from previous years where AstroloTea Creator, Chanel performed alongside Sacramento's Hundreds Unit in the parades. Getting to share our love for herbs and holistic health and wellness gives us a feeling like no other. We look forward to next year’s parade & celebration, and also doing more popup events in the Bay Area.

Want to collaborate or share vendor opportunities with us? Email


"Oh, She Bad!"

While bouncing ideas around for February's limited edition blend, we kept in mind one of the questions we're asked most often; “Do you have any caffeinated teas?” We decided to bring to life a loose-leaf blend that is healthful, delicious and embodied some of our favorite parts of being Black Women. After curating and sampling, we decided to crown our first caffeinated blend, “Black Moon Lilith.” And when we say, she's bad... we mean like the old school Run DMC lyrics... "not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good."

Lilith in Astrology

Lilith is closely associated with the sign of Scorpio which is all about transformations. It’s said that Lilith deals with the shadow side of our being. She’s the core of Divine Femininity; nurturing the most uninhibited parts of our spirit, while exploring and embracing our darkest fears and deepest insecurities. It is only then we can fully and unapologetically love ourselves. Where you find Lilith in your birthchart, is the area of life you tend to rebel.

Black Moon Lilith in Your Teacup

This flavorful tea is what we imagine when we think of Lilith and how she’s depicted in astrology; Bold, Rich & Sultry. Prepare your Black Moon Lilith blend as you would a breakfast tea, or treat yo’self by adding your favorite milk and sweetener as a warm and luscious karmic-chai. Black Moon Lilith is available in a 2 oz blend, and comes with 20 disposable tea filter bags. There’s still time to purchase yours online at SHOP AstroloTea or at Sacramento's Markets.


Out With the Old. In With the New.

The ending of Pisces Season ushers in the beginning of the spring equinox, and of course, Aries Season.

Yes, the warmer weather and longer days are exciting, but they’re really a bonus to knowing the cosmos have realigned to create the magical new beginnings that accompany each a new zodiac year.

In Aries Season, we'll introduce AstroloTea Monthly Zodiac Blends. These limited-edition teas will be available for pre-order and in limited quantity at the monthly markets we attend.

Click here and find out where we'll be popping up next!


Full Moon in Virgo

The Pisces New Moon on March 2 came with BPE (Big Planet Energy). Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune creating space for expansion—especially where intuition and creativity are involved. Opposite of imaginative Pisces, Virgo is ruled by Mercury; the planet of communication and learning, and takes on a more practical and structured approach to everyday life.

Thursday night's full moon in Virgo may give some relief to those who’ve been experiencing heightened sensitivity to their emotions over the last couple weeks—especially individuals with heavy earth and air sign placements. Virgo is mutable earth, making the days surrounding this full moon, a great time to get grounded while also being excited and open to exploring areas of life you’d like to transform.

Remember: As we transition from Pisces to Aries season, we’re entering a new astrological year. We always encourage everyone to full moon affirmations and intentions that align with their zodiac sun placement and the house it's moving through during the moon cycle.

  • Aries – Work & Health

  • Taurus – Self Expression & Art

  • Gemini –Family History & Roots

  • Cancer –Communication & Learning

  • Leo – Financial Gains & Losses

  • Virgo – Persona/Ego

  • Libra – Karma & Introspection

  • Scorpio – Friendships

  • Sagittarius – Accomplishments & Accolades

  • Capricorn – Culture/Travel & Education

  • Aquarius – Power & Transformation

  • Pisces – Relationships


Come Hang with Us!

Check us out at the Midtown Farmer’s Market on Saturday, March 26th from 8AM – 1PM. We’ll be located on K Street between 20th & 21st Streets.

On March 27th we’ll be posted up at Selfish Sunday, hosted by Hella Wellthy from 11AM – 4PM. Tickets are still available for this event, which will include Afro Yoga, Wellness Workshops Raffles & more.

We love meeting new friends and growing our Communitea so whether you’re in the Sacramento area looking for something to do, or taking care of your weekend grocery runs, stop by and say “Hello!”. We're excited to see you.

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