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We're Spilling Tea!

Welcome to the home of all things Herbs + Astrology

This has been an exciting journey between a mother and daughter who share a common love and interest in self-discovery & exploration of natal charts, the cosmos, and the power of holistic wellness found throughout nature.

Whether you’re here because you’re a fan of astrology; you love sipping tea; are both astrology + tea enthusiast; or just curious to expand what you know about the metaphysical world, we’re so glad you made it to our "Tea Party." The connection between this physical world and the cosmic universe is fascinating. We’re forever learning and finding new insights. When we have those discoveries, or healthful reminders to share, you can be sure we’ll be Spilling the Tea here for you.

Subscribe to our blog for fun facts about zodiac placements, the Astro-realm, how our bodies are aligned with nature, and also the healing power of herbs.

Follow us on Instagram and tag your friends so we can continue to grow our “Communi-Tea!"

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